When your thinking of a Valentines Gift, you want to give a lasting and loving impression to that special person in your life, so give a valentine present that they can enjoy forever.

All you have to do is find that favourite photo of the two of you, and choose the format you want to give them - you know the one, that picture of you two on the beach where you treated him or her to that cocktail, while being kissed by the evening sun!!

February the 14th is looming fast, and this Valentines gift made from sustainable wood, and printed here in our Devon studio by the sea, will stay on your lounge wall for many years to come.

What better reminder of your love for each other could you want!

All our prints will last a lifetime and are lovingly hand made on beautiful natural Birch Wood, or go for one of our premium solid Oak blocks! All of these make great valentines gifts for her or him that they will cherish forever.

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